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Our Electronic System Engineering Services

At Sahel Lode Integrated Limited, we approach Systems Engineering as the foundation of product development. We focus on how to design and manage complex systems through the development process and over the product lifecycle.

We start with our customer’s product and design requirements. We enlist a multi-disciplinary team, breakdown the requirements, and identifying the fundamental features of the product to propose a high-level design.

Sahel Lode Integrated Limited is a proven resource in helping building owners and managers achieve energy and sustainability goals along with proper control and management of their facilities using electronic systems . We use the latest technology to arm clients with the tools and information required to build, operate, and maintain a sustainable and energy smart building by using state of the art electronic system based technology, we can optimize your Lighting, HVAC, and CCTV systems for operations, energy conservation, security, and comfort.

Electronic System Engineering Services

    Lighting Controls and Integration
  • Installation and Service
  • Wired & Wireless Systems
  • Interoperable Solutions
  • Lighting Control Design
  • Lighting Control System Installation & Service

    CCTV and Security Systems
  • Installation and Service
  • Traditional Card & Advanced IP Access Systems
  • Closed Circuit Video Systems
  • Intrusion Detection / Monitoring Systems
  • Analog / Digital & IP Surveillance Systems
  • Digital Recording Systems
  • Surveillance Camera Placement & Layout
  • Network Integration