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As Procurement continues to evolve, both large and small businesses find themselves in need of more robust strategic sourcing operations, and the resources to develop and maintain Procurement functions of the appropriate size, structure, and maturity. Sahel Lode Integrated Ltd Procurement Services includes a team of highly experienced procurement consulting services professionals, intuitive strategic sourcing technologies, and data-backed market intelligence. Together, they provide the specialized requirements to help drive the evolution of your Procurement from a purely tactical function to an innovative, nuanced, and strategic unit.

We also provide procurement advisory and delivery solutions to help reduce supply risk and improve procurement effectiveness. It is also the link between Engineering and Construction through sourcing, purchasing and delivering bulk materials and equipment.

Specific areas of procurement services we offer are: Capital Goods & Equipment Procurement Management, Equipment, Goods & Services Procurement Optimisation, Business Process Re-engineering and Transactional Services, Efficient Procurement Solutions, Tail Spend Management, Managed Procurement Services, Supplier Relationship Management, On-Demand Procurement, Cost Reduction and Low-Cost Country Sourcing
We help our clients to set up and run efficient procurement structures and operations, to ensure they can take advantage of potential efficiencies that may be possible for their specific operations and procurement profile.

We also manage an extensive database of suppliers as a result of continuous feed back and quality monitoring worldwide through our partners in Europe and Middle East offices together with its partners in Asia.