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PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras provide wide-area coverage and high level detail with real-time movement and control. PTZ network cameras use pan, tilt and zoom to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail with a single camera. Great image quality and the ability to zoom in make it possible to verify detected security events. The result is maximum protection and minimum costs. .
  • The cameras are equipped with a variety of intelligent features and can move between pre-set positions and zoom in automatically in response to detected events
  • They can also be easily integrated into a system with other cameras.
  • Our PTZ network camera offering include extremely robust models suitable for the harshest environments and climates.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are commonly used in surveillance systems inside of homes, casinos, retail stores, and restaurants. This is because dome cameras are more fashionable and blend in very well with their surroundings.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras provide reliable & affordable 24/7 detection for dark and low visibility areas, identifying images by heat radiating from any object, vehicle or person. One of the major advantage of thermal camera is that it identify Potential Fires or Heat Sources. Sahel Lode offers a series of thermal imaging surveillance camera models which can be programmed to generate automatic alarms, defined by variables such as temperature limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire or heat sources. Some of the major advantages of thermal camares includes:
  • Cost Effective Perimeter Solution
  • Ability to Monitor While Respecting Privacy

Solar Powered Camera

Wireless solar powered cameras surveillance cameras can transmit wireless video up to 20 miles, and can address the problem of not having a reliable infrastructure or local source of electrical power. Customers with remote or hard to access facilities, assets or locations, such as oil and gas pipelines, bridges, border areas and rural properties, can now be offered an effective, economical solution for protecting those assets. The wireless solar powered surveillance system solutions offered by sahel Lode make it easy to set up a wireless connection, and minimizes concerns about locating a traditional power source.
  • These solar powered surveillance solutions are ideal for large property security or remote location use, including construction sites, parking lots, manufacturing facilities, wildlife, agricultural sites and more

NVRs and DVRs Video Recorder

NVRs (network video recorder) and DVRs (digital video recorder) are what you use to manage, view, and store surveillance videos. Available with a variety of software and hard drive sizes, NVRs and DVRs make it easy to save and review videos. Which one you need, and how it works, depends on having CCTV or IP surveillance cameras.