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Complexities of computer networks (LAN,WAN or Fiber) can present significant challenges for businesses with limited internal IT resources. Business owners need a solution that is reliably designed, built and administered by professional. We design systems around all forms of Data-Bus or Local Area Networking equipment bridges and routers, or open transported based multiplexes that can transmit data and audio at high speeds, we are trained to help our customers to:
  • Gain uptime, security and simplicity with proven networking strategies
  • Building a secure and resilient network takes the right technologies and the right talent
  • Survey, plan and design of FTTX networks
  • Our networking solutions are scalable and easy to manage, ensuring you maximize your investment
  • Route Planning
  • All civil and construction work for fibre networks
  • Testing and qualifying pipes (DIT)

Data Center

Data is essential to run a business today. If you want to develop, you need to keep information safe and minimize the risk of potential threats such as data theft or leaks which may result in loss of money and reputation, or even ruin your enterprise. Our engineers create computing, networking, virtualization, storage, backup and recovery environments that streamline workflow. AFurthermore, we focus on flexibility, scalability and performance using low-fault-tolerance strategies and on-demand load balancing. Our data center experts can help you improve productivity while staying on budget.

IT Integration

We supports clients from the preliminary analysis and design of the new IT platform, through delivery of appropriate equipment and software, to the implementation phase. Integration services include both starting-up new systems on new platforms, expanding the functionality by updating software, migration between systems, and consolidation or virtualization of currently used environments.